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SEC Network Host Asks Tom Hart Live On Air How His Dog Is ... One Slight Problem There

Good fucking Lord guy. You're a journalist, do a little research. Maybe follow Tom Hart on Twitter? Do anything but this. You can't just be asking how someone's dog is all willy nilly when he posted on Twitter that he had to put the good boy down.

You remember that shit! The only person who can ask about an announcer's dead dog is clearly Bill Walton. Even that has to have an asterisk because it's Pasch and Walton. 

How do you even come back from that if you're the studio host? You can't. You just gotta pack it up for the day and head out. Take a little break and I don't think anyone would argue. Instead you're the guy who asked Tom Hart how his dead dog is man. That said A+ response by Hart. That's why he's a pro and one of the best in the game. Love Tom Hart. 

Oh and RIP Larry.