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Victoria’s Bra Was the Star of This Week’s Episode of The Bachelor

It is VERY clear Victoria is the villain of this season of The Bachelor, and we’re only on Week 2. She is calling out all the other women, says the house isn’t a sorority, and throwing girls under the bus directly to Matt at the second cocktail party of the season. Matt James is already crushing it, going on great dates with girls like Bri and Sarah. But the real star this week was…Victoria’s bra.

Want to know how I know these girls already hate Victoria’s guts? Not a single one of them told her, “Hey, your bra is completely out. It’s the rose ceremony. Everyone is super fancy. Maybe switch it out or just free the nipple.” She went the entire night looking like she was coming home from a walk of shame. Every girl has their favorite bra…there is no doubt about that. I’m guessing Victoria has a particular attachment to this push up bra, she clearly refuses to take it off. 

For our FULL episode recap with Trent listen here: