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What Kind Of Person Puts Their Toilet Paper In The Freezer?…

This isn't really to plug my podcast, I am just pissed about the millenials in this world. These asswipes (Litteraly) are bringing their own wipes to the party. Glenny Balls came over to my apartment announces he was going to take a poop and went to his back pack first and grabbed his wet wipes. America runs on toilet paper, it has never let me down ever. If you start to have a raw ass you are just wiping wrong. My grandmother said if you are wiping more than five times you have to go to the hospital.

The thing with wet wipes is that I can't be walking around with a wet bung hole. I also heard that your butt doesn't feel wetness it only feels coldness so you really don't even know if you are walking around wet. Wet wipes are also more expensive and I am hearing rumors that you have to wipe with wet wipes and switch over to actual toilet paper. This society we live in is sad. 

Don't even get me started on Rico putting his toilet paper in the Freezer. You put popsicles and Frozen mozzerela Sticks in the Freezer not toilet paper. Just imagine sitting down forgetting you have no TP and yelling "BABE Im in the shitter can you get toilet paper from the Freezer?" I would call the cops on your ass. You need to re-evaluate your life. All in all I don't need people disrespecting my toilet paper by bringing your own wipes like you are a baby. Wet on Wet contact doesn't make sense. If you have a little Diahrea how does a wet towel even take care of that. Gross bastards in this world. Let’s get wet wipes extinct just like coins.

Editor’s note: Wet wipes rule, Mush is an idiot, Rico putting toilet paper in the freezer chaos.