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The Celtics Will Have Their Third Game Of The Season Postponed And Who Knows When They'll Play Again

At this point, I have no idea when we'll be able to see the first place Boston Celtics play a basketball game. Yesterday it came out that today's game against the Bulls was going to be postponed, and now today we learn that in all likelihood tomorrow's game against the Magic will also be postponed with Friday's game up in the air. This might be confusing to some since the Heat game was postponed because it was Miami that couldn't field 8 guys. Well then this came out

This now means that of the 5 postponed games so far this season, the Celts have been involved in 3 of them. There are two ways to look at this in my opinion. On one hand, it stinks because the Celts were on a roll and momentum is a real thing. On the other hand, chances are things were going to look pretty ugly having to trot out 8 guys that have barely played in the NBA. This also gives guys some time to rest which isn't the worst thing. The worry about having to go a long stretch without the Jays isn't as big if they actually never play the games they were set to miss. You obviously have to be extremely careful right now with everything going on in the league, so there's really nothing you can do. 

What I do think is the more games that ultimately get postponed, the better the chances are that the league just goes on a two week break. This is something that apparently is already being discussed

Where this gets complicated and a little unfair for some teams is if you have 8 guys available. Is there that much of a difference from 7 to 8? For example, we know what went on in Philly, and it looks like the Heat are now going to have to do the same thing tonight against the Sixers with only 8 guys available. It's one of those situations where due to having 8 guys they have to play or forfeit, and until the league goes on pause or ups the minimum player requirement, that's the reality of the situation. Forget player safety in terms of playing huge minutes or the competitive balance, at the moment the league is plowing forward with those rules.

We all know this is why the league didn't schedule the second half of the season, but at what point do they just pull the plug on the whole thing and take a break? What if a team can't play a game for over a week and misses like 5-7 games? You're going to have to push things out anyways, why not just reset the entire league and see how things look in a few weeks. What's the harm?

I guess this means if you're looking for your Celtics fix your choices are either to just watch highlights or hit up 2K for the foreseeable future. It's like the offseason all over again.