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Need A Pick Me Up? Let's Get High On Jeff Joniak Radio Highlights

I'm not trying to throw a pity party on the internet but this is a sneaky underrated awful day. We're coming down from NFL Wildcard Playoffs and the end of the college football season. It's the very beginning of the worst parts of winter. A lot of people spent last week bouncing back from the holidays which means you probably have more meetings this week than you have in over a month. Your resolutions are already under fire and it seems like the gym might have to wait til March. Maybe you still have to do some grocery shopping and get a haircut and change your oil and get some appliance fixed. Maybe not, but chances are today is pretty shitty for a lot of us. 

If that touches your heart, then allow me to offer a solution that appeared in yesterday's darkness of criticizing Jim Nantz. Allow me to offer up some Jeff Joniak highlights. 

He needs no introduction locally, but outsiders should know that Jeff is Chicago's most electric sports voice if we don't include National Anthem performers. And pound for pound there may be no bigger Shot Of Life than listening to Joniak play-by-play a defensive touchdown. This is a guy who just genuinely puts a smile on our faces so in that spirit I'm here to offer up some comfort on the internet by way of his good vibes. 

And yet despite this staggering designation, it's surprising to see such an underwhelming inventory of Joniak highlights. If I was in marketing for the Bears I would have a permanent crew just cranking out Joniak content. Compilations, Top 10's, Broadcasting 101's, Favorite Moments, etc. 

Much like mcnuggets and pop tarts, my personal threshold for Jeff Joniak is downright staggering. Would be nice if supply ever matched demand @ChicagoBears but I think we have bigger fish to fry. 

For now, here's the best I scrounge up. If you have access to more Joniak coverage please email me 

Hester Super Bowl

The Monday Night Comeback

2009 Overtime Thriller

Beating Packers For 2018 Division