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A Married Couple Is Fined In Canada Because Wife Walked Husband On A Leash...After Curfew

CTV Montreal reporter Kelly Greig confirmed with police in Sherbrooke, QC that a married couple each received $1,500 fines after they were caught with the wife walking her husband on a leash (like a dog). Along with essential workers, dog-walkers are one of the very few groups of people who are currently allowed to be out after 8 p.m

Bad time to be involved in the Kink industry I guess. Small businesses are dying left and right and that goes for the people in the shadows as well. What we have here is a government over-reach. Plain and simple. All I ever hear from people about Gay Marriage and abortion is that the government should stay out of people's personal lives and their bedrooms. And here they are telling this woman that she can't walk her husband on a leash even though he has been VERY naughty. We have two consenting adults likely keeping 6ft of social distance assuming the standard length of a dog leash and the government of Quebec is fining them a total of $3000. What laws did they break? You're allowed to walk your dog. I guarantee you if this woman told her husband to bark like a dog he would. He'd howl at the moon on command, lay down, give shakes, and probably lick his own balls if he could reach them. The burden of proof is on the government in this situation and if that woman says her husband is a dog and he walks like a dog, talks like a dog, and is obedient like a dog then he is just a dog. 

Side thought I had while I consumed some 3Chi the other night: how big do you think the "horny economy" is? If you add up porn, only fans, simps sending venmos, weird dog walking dominatrix shit, legit sex workers, strippers, etc. I feel like it is probably a trillion dollars and I am not joking. A trillion dollars a year.  We have a tax on guns, we taxes on cigarettes, we have taxes on gambling, taxes on alcohol, taxes on marijuana. The taxes on those things are probably a drop in a bucket compared to what a tax on the horny would bring in. You start taxing the horny at a 1% clip and that would be an additional $10 BILLION if the horny economy is actually that big which is definitely is. Something to think about. 

All I can think about is the Findoms Eddie and I interviewed in 2019 for Dogwalk. It's a world I never knew existed and now to think they're struggling...breaks my heart