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Congratulations To White Sox Dave On His National Championship Victory

White Sox Dave has the tendency to surprise people but never in my life did I see this coming. It's one thing to be able to calculate the driving mileage between two mid market American cities with a 1% margin off the top of his head. But this one's different. All things included this might be his most shocking work to date. White Sox Dave absolutely fucking SMOKED Ohio State last night. Talk about dialing up some chaos on the big stage. 

Don't believe me? Look at that lipper. Hog City population White Sox Dave.

Vasha Hunt. Shutterstock Images.

And while on topic, that's a 9.4 looking defensive coordinator: visor, pen behind the ear, sleeveless windbreaker, sleepless eyes, bulging tobacco usage, knees bent ready to coach up some defensive backs. You go to sleep at night dreaming your college team's defensive coordinator brings this vibe to training camp. White Sox Dave is certainly in a league of his own scheming defenses for the University of Alabama. If anything I hope Saban let's him grow his beard out in celebration.