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Rosie's BBQ & Grillery has been a Northridge institution for over 30 years, serving up award-winning beef, pork and chicken barbeque. Catering services are available along with daily lunch and dinner specials — and you must try their world famous salad bar and desserts.



Reader Email

I've been in this business 21 years now. I learned from the corporate world and finally took the leap into ownership when my favorite BBQ joint since I was a kid came up on sale in 2017. Rosie's BBQ & Grillery in Northridge, CA (Los Angeles). A tired old (now 40 yr old) restaurant that needed waking up and I've put EVERYTHING into turning it around. 

By this time last year we had turned the corner and were looking at over 20% growth over prior year and momentum was building. As of Feb that all came crumbling and March 16 it all came to a hault. I didn't let anyone go. We did have to cut back hours, and there's no way to supplement tips, but we did what we could to keep everyone fed. I only paid the bills that we needed to in order to continue operating. Rent,, Sales Tax,, things that wouldn't bite me in the ass right away got left behind,, and when I finally got my PPP it basically covered what I was behind and put me back to almost flat with nothing left over. The opportunity came to have outdoor seating. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars I didnt have on making a patio with my 70 yr old father. We built tons of picnic tables in a 118° heat wave, bought astro turf and car ports, pallets to make it nice and enclosed, lights, misters, speakers, etc. As you are very well aware of Dave, haven't been able to use it since mid November and now we're looking at March POSSIBLE reopening. 

The struggle is REAL. Now we have this new PPP that will eventually pass, but it says 25% loss or more to be eligible. Well, in this industry, specifically the meat business side of restaurants, we're so low profit margin and rely on volume, that 25% would have already shut us down. I'm 17-18% down in sales and it costs me a lot a week to stay open. IRS is already knocking on our door. I have too many families relying on me to fail. I'm a Greek. It's in my blood to be too proud to ever ask for a handout or a bailout. I have to swallow that pride for the sake of my employees. I can't keep this going much longer. Please. Help us Dave.