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The NBA Is Officially Investigating Kyrie Irving For Partying While Away From The Nets

Well this certainly isn't great if you're a Nets fan. Kyrie has already been gone for a little while for "personal reasons" and hasn't told his own coach what his plans/deal is so that's certainly not ideal. Now you have videos like this going viral on the internet and it's only going to add gas to the flames. We all remember what a shit storm it was when James Harden went to the club/birthday party and basically gave Adam Silver the middle finger in regards to the league's new protocols. I can only imagine the same will now happen with Irving, which will only be another distraction that the Nets don't exactly need right now.

Here's the thing. We have no idea what Kyrie might have been going through for him to not play due to "personal reasons". I'm not going to say that is straight up bullshit, because you or I have no clue. But I will say you can't not play and then be spotted out at a party like this. Even if it's your sister's birthday, things could not be more clear in terms of what the rules are

and just like you thought, the NBA is already looking into it

Here's where people will have an issue with Kyrie. He's not thinking about his team or his teammates in this video. He's not thinking about how even when he does come back he's most likely going to have to quarantine because he broke the rules which means he'll miss even more games. Kyrie did what Kyrie wanted to do regardless of what it meant for anyone else. That's the leader of the Nets. You can't call James Harden selfish and then not have a similar stance with Kyrie here. It sucks that you can't celebrate your sister's birthday, but that's life in the current NBA. Maybe he hasn't noticed but teams are being crushed with COVID issues right now, and it's just reckless to do something like this during a pandemic. 

If he's already out for the rest of this week and then that doesn't even factor in his pending quarantine, that's a big chunk of games in an already shortened season. Seeing as how the Nets are currently 5-6, they kind of need one of their best players. It's not like this is really all that surprising, but I thought Brooklyn was supposed to be different because this is where Kyrie chose to go. Doesn't seem like he's changed all that much.

Part of me feels for Steve Nash, he's in an impossible situation. He can't really push back on Kyrie in fear of him just checking out, but at the same time how does he keep this locker room together when one of their best players and leaders clearly doesn't give a shit? That's quite the matzah ball. 

Seeing as how I've lived this movie before, we know what comes next. Kyrie will lash out at the media and social media about how he can't even enjoy time with his family and they are a distraction and all that shit. What he needs to do is step up and accept personal responsibility and admit that he fucked up. Because while he may have had fun at his sister's birthday party, he's screwing over his teammates right in their face. That's tough.

So buckle up Brooklyn fans, this is really only the beginning.