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Rob Manfred Says Spring Training Will Start On Time And Teams Will Play Full Schedules. NO TAKE BACKS!

NO TAKE BACKS, ROB! I'm sure it's all just lip service right now and it can change soon, but according to Bob Nightengale (take it with a grain of salt) and USA Today, teams have been told to be ready for a normal Spring Training report date, and that the 2021 MLB season will be a full 162-game schedule. That gets me hot and bothered, even if it is just lip service and it is coming from the man who hates baseball more than anyone in the world, the sports commish. It is kind of scary that were midway through January with Spring Training starting in a little over a month and this is still the convo. The article also talks about how MLB had hoped to delay the start of the season by at least a month to give players and fans more time to get the vaccine, but the MLBPA put a squash to that. 

Nice little nugget from the article here as well...

"MLB does not have the legal right to unilaterally delay the start of the season without approval from the union because of the collective bargaining agreement, and the union made it clear it wouldn't accept anything less than 100% pay for the season."

This is where it's going to get juicy. Players I'm sure are going to want to play the full season, of course so they can get their full pay. 60 games and 37% of their salaries won't fly like last year. Even with a handful of outbreaks not teams last season, we saw a pretty successful season. Baseball, as well as other sports showed they can make these things work even if players or managers test positive. Now fans in the stands is another story. Obviously there's a vaccine being distributed now, but there no way it will be safe for half, or full ballparks come April.

We're less than 40 days until pitchers and catchers reporting for teams, it's coming up so this is obviously something they have to figure out. Baseball can not have another season where no one has any fucking clue what to do and they just kick the can down the road and wait for millionaires to fight their billionaire owners again. Last year's negotiations were a black eye for the sport, it can't happen again, especially with the CBA expiring after the 2021 season. So Rob Manfred, you and your team of bimbos get this thing ready to go because I need to see baseball this spring. I need a full season. You said it too Bob, you can't take it back now. And start working on getting some games on Nickelodeon.