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BOOM! Chisox Sign Liam Hendriks

BOOM! Ironically enough, I wrote a full breakdown of Hendriks today. You can read that here:

I will have many of the same questions regarding this signing on Twitter. Those questions I will answer here:

1. Is Liam Hendriks one of the best, if not the best closers in baseball? Yes, yes he is. He's a FREAK and his best days still might be ahead of him.
2. Is 3 years for $54MM guaranteed a lot of money for a closer? Yes, yes it is. But I don't give a shit about money. 
3. Could they have had Colomé for cheaper who has been exceptionally productive for 1/2 the cost? Yes, yes they could have. But Hendriks is better and I don't give a fuck about money.
4. Would we all still like Jerry Reinsdorf to open the piggy bank for the best bat available just once? Yes, yes we would. They're still going to be middle of the pack payroll and have their books set for years on end, go and get Springer or Bauer *rolls eyes*
5. Is the White Sox bullpen one of the best in baseball? Yes, yes it is.

Look, the white sox are NOT fucking around. I give them more shit than anyone for not spending, but this is a fuck you signing. Hendriks closing the door with Heuer, Foster, Marshall, CROCHET (!!!), Bummer, Fry and others in front of him is going to be scary for other teams. That's a nasty, nasty bullpen. 

If the Twins do lose Cruz, there will be NO reason for the White Sox to not win the division. None at all. They have the best roster top to bottom as soon as they fill the back end of the rotation, which is on deck I'd imagine. LETS FUCKING GO.

Rick did it again!!! Oh and FUCK you Dallas Braden!!! 


I love this structure of the signing for all parties involved:

Say what you will about Trevor Bauer, but in his latest vlog, he talked about he viewed the team he eventually signs with as a partnership. This deal reeks of two parties entering a baseball "partnership". The White Sox reap the benefits of Hendriks' service for 4 years if he's as good as he's been the last 2, Hendriks is paid for 4 years regardless. Win/win. I love it. Rick really did do it again.