You Think Deshaun Watson Gives A Fuck About These Trade Rumors Right Now?

Quick question? Do you think Deshaun Watson gives a shit about these trade rumors right now as he's hanging out on a yacht with his smoke girlfriend? I don't think so nor do I blame him for the move. We all know that Watson is pissed at the Texans, hard to blame him. But in the last week or so there have been even more stories coming out. There's the Dolphins rumor: 

There's the Eric Bienemy thing

It's wild to me the Texans didn't even interview Bienemy. It was never a secret that Watson wants to play for him. It's also not a secret that Bienemy deserves at least an interview for a head coaching job. This is what I don't get with the Texans. You have a top, what, 5 quarterback in the league on your roster who is in his prime. How do you not listen to him? How do you just completely ignore the ONE coach he talked about wanting to play for? 

So what does Watson do? The smart things. Request a trade from an organization that has completely fallen apart and go vacation with his smoke girlfriend. Also makes way more sense about him just not picking up the phone

Imagine being the star quarterback in the NFL and the team trades your elite wide receiver for a running back, trades unprotected first and second round picks, your coach decides to kick a field goal when you're on the road and have the Chiefs on the ropes and then don't listen to any sort of requests you have for a coach. Oh and the Dolphins should 100% offer Tua and a first for Watson. No brainer, especially with the draft capital the Dolphins have. You got picks at 3 and 18. Offer Tua, 18 and a couple second rounders. Will the Texans say yes? Probably not, but try to force their hand a bit with Watson getting more pissed by the day. Plus, imagine Jilly Anais in Miami.