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Drake Is So Desperate To Be A Part Of The Warriors He Got Fined By The Team Along With Steph And Draymond

We all can admit Drake is the worst fan right? There's no bigger bandwagon fan and someone so desperate to be part of teams like Drake. The man sits courtside at Raptors games and even holds a role with the team yet he's riding the Warriors flight. I'd kick him out of those seats if I'm Kyle Lowry. You can't have that sort of guy represent Toronto and the Raptors when he's got tattoos of Steph and KD's jersey numbers. How can you get on board with a guy that wears something like this?

Pick a team and stay with a team. If you want to be a Warriors fan, fine. You're stuck with them. No posting pictures like you're MJ after the Raptors win a title: 

Still just an absolutely insane image. You would have thought he played 38 minutes and scored 20 to clinch the title for them. Nope, he just was a fan. A fan of the team he should be a fan for. I think there should be a rule, you get 1 team switch for a lifetime barring circumstances. If your team straight up leaves like the Sonics, you can pick a new team. You can say fuck the Thunder. That team change should happen when you're a kid. If your parents make you Bengals fans and you want to be a Panthers fan or whatever when you're 8, go ahead. But that's your team. 

You 100% know Drake talked about this fine too like he was part of the team. Probably texts Steph and Draymond all the time like 'hey remember that time we were late and Coach Kerr fined us. LOL memoriez.' I also assume he spells memories with a z. Just a Drake thing to do. Honestly the more I think about it the more Drake should be a Warriors fan. Not even the Run TMC days. Just this version of them. He's the perfect 2017 version of the Warriors fan.