Robber Shoves Marine/Off-Duty Firefighter Out Of The Way And Quickly Realizes That Was The Biggest Mistake Ever




What you just saw there was a guy who is the direct opposite of a pussy.  I am a pussy and I’ll you what would’ve happened in that scenario had I been standing there.  The guy walks in, shoves me aside, I MAYBE (big time maybe) tell him to fuck off but regardless I would let him go ahead of me because Iowa nice, he pulls out a knife, robs the store blind and I stand there the whole time and try not to piss my pants.  Not until later would I think of all the things I should’ve done in the moment.  It’s like George and The Jerk Store.  It’s not until after the fact do you come up with what you could’ve/should’/ve/would’ve done.  Ohhhhhh yeah I would’ve karate chopped his neck, tossed the knife aside stepped on his throat and been a goddamn hero. All of those thoughts come the next day when I’m in deep thought taking a shit.  That’s one of the many differences between me and that off-duty firefighter.  He acts in the moment when he sees something wrong happening.  He didn’t even think.  Pushed aside, sees knife, tackle to ground, wait for cops to show up.  Happened just like that.  I’m just glad there are people like that.  A world full of Trents wouldn’t be good for anyone except criminals and Chinese food places.