Get Your Fancy Pants On Because Viennetta Ice Cream Cake Is BACK!

Good Humor- Viennetta, the beloved classic take on an ice cream cake, has finally returned to the U.S., thanks to Good Humor! Fans have clamored for Viennetta's return for almost 30 years, and in 2021, Good Humor grants their wish. Good Humor Vanilla Viennetta combines a wavy frozen vanilla base between crispy, decadent chocolate layers in a unique cake shape that is perfectly portioned for an entire family to share.

Good Humor Viennetta can make any day a celebration and is great for all special occasions: birthdays, holidays, BBQs, parties, or an after-dinner treat!

Ahhhhh 2021 you motherfucker. You were trying to be a real asshole just like your older brother 2020. But you have no chance to take the throne if news like this keeps flooding out under your watch.

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For the younger Stoolies out there, this is what Viennetta was to us children of the 90s:

Simply put, it was the epitome of high society. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams. As a lifelong member of the middle class, I have never tasted the sweet bougie nectar of Viennetta in my life. But I imagine families that had it for dessert after their lobster dinners ate it exclusively in their finest crystal dishes while wearing tuxedos, ballroom gowns, and monocles. Just like the ageless motto "You white, you Ben Affleck", You rich, you eat Viennetta. That was just the rules.

Which takes me to my thoughts on this new Viennetta. Look, I love Good Humor. Have been riding with them for as long as an ice cream man was riding in my neighborhood. But they need to tweak that logo a bit if they are putting it on a Viennetta box. That Breyer's leaf was fancy as fuck. What type of leaf is it? If you're asking, you can't afford it. Anyway, the ice cream truck may scream common man's hero and fits the bills for classics like the Chocolate Eclair, but not so much for the class of people that eat Viennetta. Don't worry Good Humor marketing team, you can keep your name on the box. But you have add a U in Humour to fancy it up a bit and change the truck to a Rolls. Because the product that gave us this shot deserves nothing less.

Now I just have to wait for my stimulus check to clear so I can afford going halfsies on a Viennetta with my neighbor. There may be reports saying that it will be $5.49 but that's clearly just the price of admission to press your nose on the grocery store freezer and look at it. Until then, I will have to make do with looking at this delightful video on loop and playing the occasional Mega Millions so I can one day taste that beautiful frozen treat.


Blogger's Note: I always love these videos of famous foods being made. Shout out Marc Summers for following up his legendary Double Dare stint with Unwrapped, a Must Watch for any fan of food. Fuck it, lets end this blog with a huuuuuuge playlist of Unwrapped segments.

h/t Tony