Win Or Go Home For The Nats Tonight



Call this a live blog if you will. Win and play another game in San Fran or go home for the Nats this evening. Fister vs Bumgarner. The bad news is when the Nats faced Bumgarner last time he went 7 strong and only gave up 2 earned. The good news is Fister gave up zero. Better news is the Nats have never lost an elimination game when down 2 games to 0. Look it up. Nats need to score early and often. No more 18 inning games. No more pimping moon balls in the 8th inning. Get on the board and then use the strong starting pitching and bullpen to put the game away. Win one more and then close it out at home. This team won 10 straight at one point during the season, it can be done. One game at a time. Starts right now.

If you’re in the area, come on out to Mad Rose in Clarendon and grab a bite and a beer and catch the game.