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I Refuse To Believe These Highlights Of Nick Chubb Running Track In High School Aren't Photoshopped

This has nothing to do with the fact that he set a school record and is fast. We could have guaranteed that before I even looked it up. This has everything to do with the fact he looks like he's 45 years old and jumping out of the fucking picture. How do you even line up in the 100 to face this guy? I mean this dude knew he was toast before they even got in the starting position: 

Or this guy with the GT logo

'We'll, I'm fucked.' 

Why even bother running at this point? Just save yourself some energy and fake a pulled hamstring or something when you see Nick Chubb do that. Also this might be the greatest form of intimidation in track and field history. Sure you can scream and yell and dance. Oh, you can dance. 

Giphy Images.

I still don't understand how Chubb looked like this big of a monster. He's listed at 5'11"! He legit looks 6'5" here. He's also listed at 227, now he does look that running the 100 meter dash here. This is some Danny Almonte shit. Again, yeah, most of the time a pro athlete looks like a freak or performs like a freak in high school. But you can't tell me you aren't laughing at Nick Chubb here. 

Yeah, Nick Chubb being one of the best running backs in the NFL makes sense now.