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Reader Email: Well This Is The Most Disturbing Sight Ever Seen In A Bathroom Stall

Reader Email: Bar Bathroom

My buddy was at a bar in philly last night and walked into this in the stall. I can’t tell if this guy is a legend or a freak of nature. But nonetheless this is pretty epic.

JD Spinbad

So what in the hell is this, you ask? I’ll tell you. Focus in on the one key word in that first sentence: Hell. That’s what went down in this bathroom stall. Hell. A failed exorcism of epic proportions. That’s the only explanation. Nobody gets so drunk they willing crack their own vertebrae in 8 on the shitter. This guy probably tried to escape the thing from It Follows (GREAT movie) downstairs to take some holy water and the entity Paranormal Activity’d him directly into the afterlife. Also looks like the demon took his kicks with it back to the underworld, too. Seriously, I don’t get why these guys are laughing. If anything they need they’re are lucky that thing didn’t open it’s eyes and upside crab walk directly into their souls.

PS – 50% chance that’s a corpse. Kidding but not kidding.

UPDATE: So apparently this is an old vid and I’ve been had. My apologies for not recgonizing every single video that’s ever been posted on the Internet. I take full responsibility and the beatings that come along with the failure. JD Spinbad can still kiss my dick.