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Lone Star Parade Floats has been providing quality parade floats for over 30 years. They have everything you need to make your event a success — parade floats, floral sheeting, fringe, festooning, glitter, event or commercial props and backgrounds.



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We have been unable to work as long as there are restrictions to large crowds and mass gatherings. (Large protests excluded obviously). our family business of 37 years has not had events since the 17th of February 2020 and I have continued to keep payroll funded and bills paid, however all the savings that we have accumulated over the last 35 years has dwindled away in 44 weeks. I have exhausted most of my personal savings, and retirement, all of the company savings, and are looking to deplete any 401 savings that my family has. We will have to start laying of employees in late February early March in order to have anything to keep our facilities rent paid and that will only last for at most a couple of months. I have tried to find a job, however at almost 70 years old there are not very many businesses that want the liability of someone that is in the age group that is more susceptible to covid being employed at this time.