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True Blue Barber Shop specializes in precision men's haircuts, smooth straight razor hot towel Shaves, and traditional barbering at its finest.



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Would like to start by saying I have been a Stoolie for 10+ years. One of the proudest days of being a Stoolie was when my company, Owen's Mixers, became the Official Cocktail Mixer of Barstool Sports; however, the proudest day of my "Stooliehood" was learning about Barstool's commitment to help small businesses via the Barstool Fund. What Barstool is doing via the fund is nothing short of incredible. The videos showing those who are being helped are some of the most fulfilling content ever created by Barstool. Therefore, in an effort to try & help a local business that is near and dear to me, I wanted to share the story of True Blue Barber Shop, located in Costa Mesa, California.

When the state of California mandated that all essential businesses close down, Eli Justice, owner & operator of True Blue, was left with paying monthly leasing bills without the opportunity to create revenue to help pay the bills. During this time, Eli was unsuccessful in obtaining PPP loans through the US Government, and the property owner who Eli leases from was not only unwilling to help ease the burden of monthly payments, the company felt this would be a great time to raise rents & other expenses tied to the lease. 

This wonderful, thoughtful, obviously community driven decision to raise expenses for small businesses located in the Costa Mesa Back Bay Center, ultimately put five different businesses out of business, including a kind hardworking man named Amir, who in my opinion had more pride in his Subway location than all other Subway locations I've ever visited.  

About True Blue Barber Shop
True Blue Barber shop epitomizes everything a local small business should be about. The guys working at the shop are down to earth, salt of the earth, all around good guys. You need a beer when you walk in; a beer is coming right up. Your kid ate glue causing you to be late or miss an appointment; these guys would stay open late in order to make sure you get seen. You just feel like a little laugh while getting your haircut, the banter among the five of them is second to none (a live stream of their banter at it's best would be worthy of some great comedic content. And most importantly, they provide damn good haircuts.

Reason for the Submission:

During a time where all small business are having a hell of time creating the revenue to just break even, Eli took personal loans so he could make his monthly lease payment, took measures to ensure his employees are not burdened with sharing the financial difficulties & remains as genuine as an individual as he's always been, even when he's facing serious challenges of being a small business owner.

If True Blue is not fortunate to get help of some kind from somewhere, will they have to close their doors, causing me to look for a new place to cut my already thinning hair…I honestly do not know the true answer to that. But what I do know is Eli had the courage to start a business that people in my community look forward to visiting, hired people who the community enjoys being customers of, gives his clients a damn good hair cut & has created an atmosphere within his business that all other businesses would be lucky to replicate.