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This Weekend Proved We Need Way More Shit Talking And Hate In Sports

I know I just posted Browns videos and stuff, because that's where we're starting. Don't worry, pretty much every game had some sort of shit talking and hate. Personally? I LOVE it. We need more of this in sports. I don't even give a shit that JuJu ran his mouth before the game. That's what I want to hear. It's why I get pissed every time people make a big deal when someone says they are going to win before a game. What else are they supposed to say? Oh, I know we're underdogs and not going to win, might as well not even show up. Of course not. You run your mouth. Again, we're talking about sports here. It's competitive, it's fun, it's exactly why shit talking was invented. 

I don't know when or where it started that people have to get their panties in a bunch because of people talking shit. I say that because everyone loves to suck Michael Jordan's dick as a competitor. Guess what? He HATED everyone. Shit, that shouldn't even be past tense. Remember his Hall of Fame speech? That was pretty much a fuck you letter. And I fully understand that social media is now going to be a part of shit talking because that's where everything lives. So the Browns responding with TikTok dances and posting videos is perfectly fine with me. You can even go be cordial with opponents after the game, but leading up to the game, during the game and right after? Fuck that opposing team. Fuck that opposing fan base. You SHOULD have rivalries that last your entire life. 

We got it in 3 NFL games and honestly we need more of it. Obviously the Browns went over the top rope AS THEY SHOULD after the win. You're talking about playing your rival in the playoffs and finally snapping a losing streak. If Baker Mayfield showed up butt ass naked with a backwards hat and did the JuJu TikTok dance it would be allowed. You also had the Ravens dancing on the Titans logo 

I fucking hate the Ravens, but I love the move. Retaliation for the Titans doing the same to you. Plus it's hilarious. People lost their mind on Twitter talking about the disrespect. Bro, it's paint on grass or turf. Don't want to see them dance, don't let them win. Plain and simple. Shit, even the Rams got involved, granted it was on Instagram, it's still a step in the right direction. 

I'm not saying you gotta get personal and attack family and shit. But think back to the rivalries that we grew up with and think about with sports. Knicks-Heat, Knicks-Pacers, Bulls-Pistons, Lakers-Celtics, Red Sox-Yankees, Bruins-Canadians, UNC-Duke, Louisville-Kentucky, etc. Give me all of that with this sort of hate. I want to hear shit talking and we shouldn't discourage it. Yes, you can mock someone like JuJu after the game, but he should run his mouth before hand. And refs. For the love of God refs, stop giving technicals for dudes talking shit or celebrating. It's part of the game. Let's encourage taunting. Let's encourage dudes running their mouths. If it starts to get physical, fine, then throw a flag or blow a whistle. Go to any level of sports, there's shit talking. Time to encourage it and bring it back to every sport.