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The $3 Billion Question- Is Taylor Heinicke The QB Of The Future Or A Flash In The Pan?

Al Drago. Shutterstock Images.


Obviously Taylor Heinicke was the talk of Wild Card Weekend, as he put on a dazzling display on Saturday night, going toe to toe with Tom Brady and the Bucs. He electrified and won over the hearts of everyone who loves an underdog story. An undrafted QB who was an XFL backup came in and almost won a playoff game against Tom Brady while putting on a god damn show.



And though we lost, I think everyone left that game feeling pretty good about the future of this franchise for the first time in a LONG, LONG, LONG time. Actually, I'm more depressed that the season is over than I can remember. 2012 sucked but there was so much drama it kind of overshadowed everything. This is a feeling of "wow, this is what it's like to root for a real team". But because it's the Washington Football Team, nothing ever comes easy, and they have a 3 billion dollar decision to make- what do you do at QB?



Because he was a practice squad player until last week, Heinicke is a free agent. And you best believe he will get some looks across the league. So if he wants to stay in Washington, is he the penciled in starter? Is he a flash in the pan? Do we even know what he is? Is he literally our Kurt Warner, a guy coming in out of nowhere and taking the league by storm? Or is he a Matt Flynn? 

If the All-22 is any indication, he's the real deal:



But to play devil's advocate, once teams have tape on a guy, that's when it starts going downhill. QB in the NFL is a nearly impossible job. Could Heinicke really be a diamond in the rough, a rare gem that slipped between the cracks and somehow ended up in our laps? That's the question of the decade, I suppose.

So I have not a clue what happens now. Obviously I want him back and I want him to be the best QB of my lifetime. But I have no clue how this will work. Alex Smith is still on the books, Kyle Allen is still on the books, and Heinicke will get looks from other teams due to his playoff performance. Why can't the QB situation EVER be easy here? I guess if it was, we wouldn't be the Washington football team, the Washington Football Team.


One last time for the people in the back: