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I Hope Kevin Stefanski Is Watching Chiefs Film In His Basement.....I'm Getting Ready For Alabama

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I have declared this game officially OVER. Normally I wouldn't do this in the 2nd quarter, but we've got things to do here in Ohio. We can't sit around watching a 1000-0 victory when we've got to mentally prepare for the National Championship tomorrow. Don't come crying in the comments saying I just jinxed the Browns. It's 35-10 and we get the ball after the half. Plus the Steelers haven't scored more than 35 points since Week 5. This one's over. I am officially on to Alabama.

You guys probably think life is all candy and roses in Ohio right now. Make the college football playoffs one day, make the NFL playoffs the next. Beat a coach that talked too much one day, beat a player that talked too much the next. Am I glad we're winning? Yes, it's been fun. But it's EXHAUSTING. I'm tired of taking on the entire internet each and every day. And at some point I have to imagine that I'm going to be wrong at least once. BUT IT WASN'T TONIGHT!!!!!!

I hope Kevin Stefanski has turned off the game and is watching film of the Chiefs. We've got ourselves a big game next week. And a big game tomorrow.