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What's The Food Play Today?

This is one of the best sports stretches of the year typically. Bowl season is wrapping up, wildcard weekend is here, and the NCAA hoops and the NHL are (usually) balls deep in their seasons. Too bad we don't have baseball or it'd be bliss, but we will make due, and we will make due by absorbing as many red meats, carbs and pastas as possible today. 

Every Sunday throughout football season I've asked Twitter, "what's the food play today?" and I'll get inundated with all of the above and it's a glorious thing. Fuck New Years resolutions on Wild Card weekend; fuck em right in the ear. 

Anyways, today is a huge food day as I said and none of you disappointed. REMINDER: Carl and I will be going live on IG immediately after the Titans/Ravens game, post Bears game, and when the Bears are in the Red Zone. Follow us here:


So what's the food play?

Our guy Carl has himself a BEAST of a beef roast going:

I'm going with ribs personally: 

And here's what everyone else is working with:

Fucking love when we have people helping people. Just some good ol' fashioned PHP:

And of course, we had about 1,000,000 people send us in their home made Italian beefs. If interested in making this glorious delicacy on your own, you can click this link HERE:

Needless to say, it's a HUGE day in Chicago. The Hawks stink and the Bulls are the Bulls, so we need football season to go as deep as possible into winter before pitchers and catchers report for our two baseball teams, one of whom that has World Series aspirations. Bear the FUCK down, LET'S GO!!!! Hopefully this is Brees' last game ever. SEE ALL OF YOUS FOR THE PRE/POST/IN GAME SHOW 


Enjoy your food and get nice and fat. Diet starts tomorrow