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Xavier At The Buzzer In One Of The Wildest Games In College Hoops This Season

Can we talk about this possession? I want to talk about this possession. What an unreal set and this passing was basketball porn. That kick out pass by Kunkel to set up everything was unreal. That's the reason Xavier won, well at least scored on this possession, we'll get to the rest of the game in a second. Most of the time here I feel like we see a college kid force a shot where Kunkel was. Instead he realized Scruggs is wide open in the corner and that's by no means an easy pass. And then there's Scruggs - who has legit been awesome this season - making another smart pass to a WIDE open Colby Jones. Onions. 

But how about this game? Xavier was up 5 at the under 4 timeout, then down 7 with a 1:13 to go. 

They force a turnover, which people will argue about whether or not it was a walk. Probably should have just been a no-call honestly. There wasn't really any contact and there wasn't a walk. Either way, Providence still fell apart after that. A quick bucket by Xavier then they do the smart thing of just defending with 40 seconds to go. Providence tried to get aggressive and score on the baseline, steps out of bounds. Again, I loved this decision by Xavier because college kids tend to screw up a bunch. Not to mention there were 24 lead changes in this game. I can't remember the last game that had that many changes. Even more reason we need 11am Big East basketball every single day. The league is all bunched up outside of Nova/Creighton it feels like so every game is close. 

How about this too? Sports, man. Always delivers

Xavier's an intriguing team this year man. They have a ton of depth, even with Ben Stanley tearing his ACL earlier this week. They are shooting the shit out of the ball, they are versatile and they just tend to make big plays. Remember, they had this buzzer beater against Marquette:

PS: Hilarious 'final' tweets by Providence