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Alex Smith Is Inactive. Let's Get It Now Heinicke!


Well, it happened. God. This is what I was writing about yesterday. It wouldn't be the Washington Football Team if there wasn't something insane happening at the quarterback position. Alex Smith has worked so hard to get back. Conquered all odds, all obstacles. The most improbable comeback of all time. So something must be REALLY wrong for him to miss this game. It sucks. I feel for him so much. He deserved to play in this game.

But now...



Former XFL backup Taylor HeiniCKE! We saw he can move around in the pocket and get the ball down field to his receivers. We know he took the majority of first team snaps this week. How he'll fair in a full game? No clue. But we can't worry about that. He's what we've got and I'm choosing to believe he's the next Kurt Warner. Let's get it now HeiniCKE!