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Tom Brady is Dialed In For Tonight's Playoff Game

Jim McIsaac. Getty Images.

The Buccaneers Quarterbacks have a recurring competition on hitting moving targets from the 15 yard line. A guy in a truck driving with a tackling dummy on the back of it driving through the back of the end zone. You get three chances to hit it. This week is the first week of the post-season and my guy TB12 is LOCKED IN. Look at this insane accuracy. The one and true greatest of all-time:

The Bucs take on the Washington Football Team tonight and check out me, PFT Commenter, and Nate on a livestream beginning just before kick-off around 8:10pm. PFT and I have laid down a bet, if the Bucs win, PFT will drink 150 oz. of water/day until the Bucs are eliminated or win the Super Bowl. If the Washington Football Team wins, I will put tomatoes on every meal I have until the Washington Football Team is eliminated or wins the Super Bowl.

And show your support for the G.O.A.T. with the Bucco Bruce/Tom Brady mashup shirt we brought back just for the playoffs: