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The Refs Tried To Steal It But The Bills Won Their First Playoff Game Since 1995


First things first- somehow someway the above wasn't called a fumble...after review! Not only that, but the refs weren't even going to review it if Buffalo didn't call a timeout. Everyone thought once it went to review it would be called a clear as day fumble and it would be ballgame. But Goodell said "nah, make them play" and the call on the field stood. I have watched the play 503 times and still don't understand how it wasn't a fumble, but that's neither here nor there because the Bills hung on and WON THE MF'ING GAME!!!

This was the first Bills playoff win since 1995. Do you guys even remember 1995? People were happy back then, it's crazy to think about how long ago that was. But at long last, America's beloved Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills have won a post-season. I don't know anyone who wasn't born in Indiana that was rooting for the Colts, so basically just Jeff Vibbert. Sorry Jeff.

Congrats to the Bills, can't wait to face you in the Super Bowl.