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This Texas Cop Learning The Nae Nae Dance From Some Kids Looks Like A Racial Utopia


ENNIS, Texas – A Texas police officer is connecting with neighborhood kids once dance at a time.

Sgt. Alan Eddins of the Ennis Police Department stopped by for a dance after he spotted the kids on the way to serve a warrant, according to

When the wanted person turned out not to be home, Sgt. Eddins circled back and joined in with the kids.


In the last year/forever, there has been a lot of ugliness around cops in the media so it’s always nice to a cop in a positive light. And this dude started to downright boogie at parts. Once they got to the stanky leg he was all in. His “watch me watch me” parts could use a little work though:




At the same time, there’s like a 90% chance the guy who was supposed to get served with the warrant just leisurely walked behind the camera and got his crack and guns out of his house and left. Maybe the kids were even in on the distraction like the little guys in the projects with D’Angelo Barksdale on The Wire. Criminal masterminds and adorable at dancing, that way everyone can leave happy.


Aside: I mentored 3rd and 4th grade minority kids trying to get into private schools when I was in high school and was taught to do the Crip Walk by a kid whose older brother was a gang member. The power of breaking down barriers through thug dance moves is real. I’d like to imagine the Bloods would understand.