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I Am A Chorley FC Fan Now After Watching This Video Of Them Belting Out "Someone Like You" By Adele

I love this video. I know next to nothing about Chorley FC but what a video. Sources say (aka my pal Mikey Podcasts) they upset Derby County (Wayne Rooney's team) and knocked them out of the FA Cup and here they are belting out someone like you by Adele.

Listen, I am an Adele STAN. I fucking love her. Have her lyrics tattooed on my arm. I love like 5 things in my life. 1. The Boston Bruins, 2. My Husband, 3. Barstool Sports, 4. Adele Adkins and now 5. Chorley FC.

I was a Cristiano Ronaldo fan (basically just followed wherever he went) but Chorley FC is now my team for life.

Fly Magpies Fly!