Aaron Rodgers Says The Barstool Fund "Has A Message Of Hope And Love That Nobody Else Is Offering" And Is Officially Onboard!!!

Well this just happened: a nice little Instagram Live session between my quarterback and my boss to talk about The Barstool Fund. 

I swear to God I feel like I'm living in an alternate reality where Barstool is giving help to people who really need and deserve it because of incredible people like you who have donated millions... and then Aaron Rodgers finds out about it and teams up with us and that's not even the best thing that's happened this year! But it's definitely up there. 

Prior to going live, Dave wasn't exactly sure what Rodgers wanted to talk about. He knew it was about the fund and that he wanted to get involved in some way, but the details were unclear. So why did Rodgers want to do an Instagram live with Dave? Because he wanted to promote a call to action for his teammates, for his sponsors, for anyone who may follow him and not follow us so he could help The Fund grow. 

"This is a real money. Not we'll just put you on the list and maybe we'll see... this is real money that's happening every single day to people who need it. I'm involved now; my money is where my mouth is. I'm putting out a call to action." 

Rodgers matched Dave's $500k donation, but he's doing more than just that: he completely onboard. 

"You guys have a message of hope and love that nobody else is offering. The government isn't offering help… these are our people, the backbone of the American class. This is not about any politics, this is about our people…. we need those things. That's what makes this country great…. You're giving us love and hope when all we get from the media is fear and things that make us scared.

Keep up the good work, anything you need: I'm onboard."

People always talk about the Barstool difference and it usually has to do with us fucking up something really basic, but the truth is $21 million and counting in a matter of a few weeks, THAT'S the Barstool difference. 

Thank you guys for making all of this happen. 

And Go Pack Go.