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Bah Gawd That's Kemba Walker Music!!!!

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If we're in the trust tree I have to admit I had secretly been worried all day that we still hadn't heard news about Kemba yet. If you remember when they first announced that he would be out for 9-12 weeks they mentioned the first update would come in early January and up until that tweet we'd heard dick. My brain was going in every direction mostly preparing for the bad news. 

Well I am happy to report that this is the BEST POSSIBLE update we could have had. You need to walk before you can run and you need to practice before you can play so the fact that Kemba is fully cleared for full contact practice is just the type of news I want to hear before we all stress watching this team play tonight. 

Everyone knows that the ceiling of this team ultimately comes down to Kemba Walker and that knee. If he's the same old Kemba we saw pre-injury and you add that caliber of player to the versions of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown that we are currently experiencing….watch the fuck out. If he still can't stay healthy and has lost a step, well that would be #actuallybad. 

I'm just happy we finally have a positive injury update coming from this team. I feel like it's been the exact opposite every single time with any player on the roster. The team can still be patient in bringing Kemba back because maybe you've heard but Payton Pritchard is basically the greatest rookie point guard in the history of the league, so really there is no downside to this news. 

For a reminder, this is what is coming down the pipeline. Pray for the rest of the East