Dad Almost Kills One Of His Kids By Kicking A Giant Soccer Ball Off Their Face




Dead.  Or at least that’s what I’m assuming.  Kid didn’t even know what was happening until he was on his back with early onset CTE.  How good do you think that felt for the Dad?  He’d never admit it cause he’d end up sleeping on the couch for a week but “accidentally” decleating his son had to feel great.  Really great.  A little bit of payback to the little shits that ruined his life.  The little guys that drained his bank account, chased his friends aways and forever ruined his wife’s vagina.  The little guys that don’t let him get blacked out every Friday and Saturday night anymore because they need love and support and attention.  They took away everything he used to hold near and dear to his heart and replaced it with poop-filled diapers and crying at 3am.  I’m sure he loves his kids but sometimes you gotta bounce a giant soccer ball off their face to remind them that they ruined that little thing that you used to call a life.