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Is Coach Jeff Fisher Open to a Coaching Reunion With Gregg Williams?

On today's Pardon My Take, it's the first Friyay episode of 2021. With that, we had two recurring football guests join the show. 2x Super Bowl Champ Chris Long joined us to talk Wild Card Weekend, and Jeff Fisher chatted with Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter, too. The former (and future?) head coach talked fishing, football, Dr. Heat, and his future plans. Could we see a potential reunion with Gregg Williams? Fisher weighs in:

Mr. Commenter: What about another franchise that has moved recently, from San Diego to Los Angeles, the Chargers maybe get you and Gregg Williams back together, Dr. Heat, get the old band back together, coach out in LA, you got Justin Herbert.

Jeff Fisher: Hey, before that happens, I got to sit down and have a long talk about Gregg's philosophy at the end of a game. I wouldn't have let him do that had he been working for me, and I'll kid around a little bit, but there's reasons that Sam Darnold has not gotten off to his start, and Gregg knows this because I've been critical of Gregg about this, and the things Sam sees on the practice field from Gregg Williams will set a quarterback back years. So, Gregg and I need to have a little sit down before we reunite if that happens, especially that last play.

Mr. Cat: When you were coaching, and he was defensive coordinator, would he constantly be like, "Coach, I'm bringing heat, I want to bring the heat?" And you're like, "Hey, settle down. a little bit." 

Jeff Fisher: Are you talking about in that situation?

Mr. Cat: No, just in general, is he always bringing the hat, because you can't stop him? You can't stop him from bringing the heat?

Jeff Fisher: Well, no. Gregg likes to pressure people, and that's fine. But there's a time to pressure people, and a time not. 

Mr. Cat: Always.

Jeff Fisher: Yeah, everybody likes seeing the quarterback going down really fast, and your punt return team come on the field. That's good defense, but it doesn't always work that way. When you bring six and someone's blocking with seven, you don't need to bring six. You need to get out and play coverage, and that's basic defense. But again, Gregg and I are friends, and he knows I'd say the same thing to his face. 

Real friends are not afraid to be critical of each other, and that is exactly what we are seeing right here with Coach Fisher. Gregg Williams obviously did a poor job with the Jets this season, but could the two of them get back on the right track with a future gig together? Only time will tell.