The Ravens Played An Ugly Game Yesterday And Still Had A Shot In The End



Gonna keep this relatively short because Sunday belonged to the Orioles, but the Ravens laid an egg yesterday. A real dud. They took everything they did the past 3 weeks and did the complete opposite. The offense never found a rhythm, mostly because they didn’t convert on 3rd down. 1 for 11 isn’t going to win you a lot of games. Colts had the ball for nearly 39 minutes of the game and kept us off the field. The main culprit was the offensive line. For the first time this year, we saw 2013 Joe Flacco. Guy had pressure in his face the entire game and rarely got an opportunity to step into his throws. They made it a point to bring the heat and expose James Hurst, and they did. Credit to them.


It’s not all bad though. The defense played a pretty nice game and even forced some turnovers for once. CJ Mosley has been playing out of his mind. He’s quickly becoming the best inside linebacker in football and he’s only played 5 games in the NFL. The Colts came into that game with the top offense in the league and we held them to 20 points. For as poorly as we played, we still got the ball back with a minute left down by a score. Can’t complain too much considering we didn’t lose any ground in the standings. Cincinnati got their ass kicked and were exposed as the mediocre team that they are. We’re 3-2 headed to Tampa next week and then we get Atlanta at home. I fully expect to be 5-2 when we go to Cincinnati in Week 8. Tough loss yesterday, but no need to panic.


Lastly, thanks to everyone that came out to Nobles for the sweep party yesterday. It was real easy to move on from that loss when Baltimore’s finest was around to crush beers with while we watched that Detroit beatdown. Hopefully we can keep the ball rolling and do some more shit as the O’s continue their playoff dominance.