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This Young Francisco Lindor Fan Freaking Out When His Dad Told Him The Mets Traded For His Favorite Player Is The Feel Good Video Of 2021

You know what? We are doing tears this Friday morning because I think I shrieked the same exact way when Jeff Passan's report about the deal almost being done hit Twitter. Pure elation, glee, along with a hint of relief that caused my wife to yell down if she needed to call 9-1-1 with my answer being "Nope. At least not right now".

On both Podfathers and We Gotta Believe, KFC and I talked about how tough it would be to raise our kids as Mets fans if the Wilpons stuck around because we would essentially be sentencing them to a life of misery and what we could do to avoid them suffering the same fate we've lived through. Having them become Yankees fans would somehow be worse though, which led to me saying I flat out wouldn't introduce baseball to their lives until the Wilpons sold the team. They could become lacrosse fans or just have no summer sport to root for, which seemed like the much lesser of all the other evils.

However, Uncle Stevie changed all that when he bought the team then instantly turned the Mets back into the big market team they should have always been which means people like little Melo, his dad, and countless other families get to have moments like this. I guess you could make a case that this kid getting Christmas and his favorite player traded to a wagon of a baseball team in two week's time may lead to him getting spoiled. But as long as he is able to #STAYME70, everything will be alright and he will hopefully get to attend a parade or two with his idol riding on a float. 


h/t Matt