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The Ohio State Football Main Account Liked A Tweet That Said Jim Harbaugh Is Finalizing A 5-Year Extension At Michigan

I'm dead. I know the entire fan base has joked that this is like a 2nd Christmas in Columbus, but for the Ohio State main account to like it, I'm dead. No respect. A sign that they can talk all the shit they want without any repercussions. And when Ohio State was called out for it, they didn't delete or say their fingers slipped. They literally doubled down and trolled even harder.

How embarrassing is this for Michigan? Your biggest rival is over-the-top HAPPY that you are bringing back your coach. I mean, why wouldn't they be though? Harbaugh is 0-6 vs. Michigan. And I heard a rumor that Harbaugh has a fetish of getting spanked. Is that true? Seems like it. 3,330 days since Michigan last beat Ohio State. And Michigan just signed up for at least another 1,825 more. 5 years????? There is a God!

And am I doing my math correctly in saying that this was a 50% pay cut? He was getting near $8 million a year before this. Uhhh, who gives someone a 5-year extension and takes away half of their money? This tells me a couple things. One, Jim Harbaugh is not a highly sought after head coach like some people in the media are leading us to believe. And two, Michigan is NOT eager to resign Jim Harbaugh. They know he can't win the big one. But they're also thinking, who else could we get better? Why would anyone want to come to Michigan? I mean, I know Harbaugh is my favorite coach in Michigan history and all because he gives me so much joy at the end of every November, but he really has taken the Wolverines to what I feel is their ceiling. Win against the bad teams and then get the breaks blown off them in any game that matters. Who are they going to get that can change that? No one is going to sign up to coach a program that expects to win but has no realistic ability to. They can't even get into the conference championship game when they're on the same side as Ohio State. They stink and they've peaked. That's a tough combination. 

I must say, I'm surprised Michigan State didn't join in on the fun with this one as well. Harbaugh is 2-3 vs. the Spartans, and 2-3 in Bowl Games. And he can't even cover spreads! 32-38 ATS at Michigan. How does anyone, from the players to the boosters to the fans, want him back?

Anyways, this will be the only talking about Michigan football that I'll do this January. They are more of a June to November team in my mind. The Buckeyes are getting ready for another National Championship and I need to give all of my focus to Alabama.