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Gooooooood Morning Mets Fans! Let's Watch Some Francisco Lindor Highlights To Kick Off Our Friday

I'll admit that when it comes to following baseball, I'm pretty locked into my own little Mets lane. 162 days of mental assault by the Metropolitans plus whatever shit comes during off days and the offseason is plenty for me. My fantasy baseball team and casual highlight watching scratch the rest of my baseball itch until the playoffs come. So my Francisco Lindor exposure wasn't as high as it would be if he was playing in the NL East or the NL in general.

However after watching that video, I'm just going to come out and say it. Francisco Lindor appears to be a decent player of the game of baseball. Maybe even a good one! Granted, I convince myself every year that every Giants late round draft pick is going to be a Pro Bowler thanks to his YouTube clips. But I think it's safe to say that Lindor is sliiiiiightly better than some unknown running back from Appalachian State or some shit. 

Lindor is a goddamn superstar that can make you smile both while watching him play and watching him simply interact with people.

I got major Jose Reyes vibes there. Not old, sad Reyes. But young, vibrant, always happy and smiling Profesor Reyes vibes. Keep the foot on the gas Sandy/Jared/Stevie and keep perusing that gourmet section to turn this team into a contender. Also great work getting a guy named Cookie on the team. It's never bad to have someone named Cookie on a competitive baseball team because everyone loves saying cookie.

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