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The Philadelphia 76ers Found Out A Player Tested Positive For COVID MID-GAME And Are Now Quarantining In Brooklyn

The NBA. The League that set the standard in this country for pulling off a season safe and secure via The Bubble. Now has an entire team quarantining on the road after a player received a positive test in the MIDDLE OF A GAME. 

Surely, SURELY, the League that partnered with Ivy League medical institutions to find newer, faster, more effective forms of testing would have BOTH teams quarantining after such exposure to a positive case of COVID-19, right? RIGHT?


I get you can’t have a full regular season in a bubble. I understand that. I think there were ways to stagger teams in and out of a bubble with breaks and restarts and various tournaments. This plan had its flaws, but it was safe. And, most importantly, it didn’t acquiesce to the fucking Olympics. Send college kids again, send a B team this time around, who gives a fuck. It’s not 1992 anymore, people in Serbia know what basketball is now. Mission accomplished on that front. Adam Silver had the recipe and tried to change up the ingredients. It is unfathomable that the Nets are collectively climbing onto a plane right now.