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Wake Up With Mookie Betts Going Up And Over The Wall In Fenway To Rob Chris Davis And End The Game

I'm old enough to remember when Chris Davis could actually make contact with a ball and send it this far, but that's a story for another day. Big man and the O's are down big in the top of the 9th in Fenway, Birds just wanna pack it up and head home but Davis gets ahold of one. Mookie just wanted to go home and thought it was time for the game to end. Tracks the ball back to the wall, leaps at the perfect time, launches himself over the wall to make the insane catch, and still managed to keep himself from falling over. No one played that little wall better than Mookie did, he was such a beast there. Crazy because this isn't even one of his top catches when you list them out, just goes to show how good he is.