Turns Out The Mia Khalifa Direct Message Was Fake, Do I Care? Hell No, That Ain't #BrouCrew Life

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So I guess the tweet from my previous blog was fake. Mia Khalifa “calling me out” on twitter and threatening to pull a Cuban. Ummmm, hello? Are you new Mia? I’m pretty clearly a student of the Broussard school of Journalism. When I get a lead on something I post first, fact check never. Sorry if you got burned by my reporting, that’s just the life of an internet gangsta’. #BrouCrewStandUp




I’ll send Mia a shirt if she wants, that’s  the extent of my apology here.


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And for the record my previous blog stands. I still think the fact that she posted Duke Williams DM’s without responding to him directly or showing us the whole convo is a bullshit move. This all started with that, not me posting a fake picture.



Also I’m not quite sure what Dave is doing with this but my guess is he’s trying to make me getting “murdered” on twitter a thing to get everyone to forget Tiegen. Sorry bro, #PeopleDontForget

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I love that this little back and forth mirrors the Cuban/Broussard/Deandre Jordan thing from last week. Except you know, it’s smut bloggers and porn stars.