NO Fans Will Be Allowed At Heinz Field For Steelers vs. Browns On Sunday Night

I get it. Health and safety and stopping the spread of this virus. That's totally fair. 

Buuut the problem with this is there is a casino right next door to Heinz Field on the banks of the Three Rivers and you know how many people are allowed in there? 

The inconsistencies throughout is what bothers me and a lot of other football fans. If it was uniform throughout the league or through each state then it wouldn't be so frustrating. And it's not like it's thaaat big of an advantage to have that many 5-10,000 fans there, but still you feel for the fans who would normally be there and the players who went 12-4 and won a division to host a home playoff game playing in front of some stadium security and a couple sideline reporters. 

Luckily the Steelers are 7-1 at home this year even without playing in front of mostly nobody throughout the entire year so no excuses here. Just wish we could have at least a few Terrible Towels twirling on Sunday night.