Quick Shout Out To The Machine That Went All The Way To Pluto And Took This Picture

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Incredible! SCIENCE! How neat is this. This machine went billions of miles away and took a picture for us. Like a spaceship drone type of thing. Incredible. What a swell story. Space is so scary. Man, sometimes when you think about it too hard, oof, sooooo scary. But thanks to these scientists now we know Pluto looks like our moon. Best story of the year if you ask me!



This blog was brought to you by this conversation.

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h/t The Machine that went 3 billion miles away.





And in all seriousness, space travel is very cool and fascinating but the people on the internet who basically say you can’t make a single joke about the Planet Pluto are the fucking worst. Did you think Barstool was going to break down the logistics of rocket science and space travel? Huh? Are you new? Let the scientists do the science and we’ll do the jokes, it’s not hard. You think NASA can write a blog about Jeff Fisher’s bowel movements? Get the fuck out of here. The fact that in 2015, people are legit offended when you bash a planet is incredible to me. What the hell is wrong with everyone?






Love these nerds





This is how you get laid in the Science community, you get next to Bill Nye when Pluto takes a selfie. Conversation starter for life.


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