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Alcohol, Anxiety, and Asses: The First Episode of Because We Got High Is Here

The first episode of Because We Got High is officially here. Ever have a high thought and wonder if anyone else has felt the same? This is the place for you. It’s me, Kelly Keegs and Brianna Chickenfry breaking down topics from A-Z about anything and everything. Episode 1 starts with A: Alcohol, Anxiety & Asses. We’re letting our brains take us wherever it wants while talking about all the aspects of alcohol, anxiety taking over the world today, and the best/worst/fake asses across the world. Each episode will be about different topics depending on the letter that week. Bitches, Blunts & Boobs is up next so buckle the fuck up and enjoy the ride. (Or don’t but that prob means you hate fun) see you all on the other side.

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