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Here's The First Spittin' Chiclets Prop Bet Of The NHL Season

This is just the first of many prop bets that we'll be whipping up in the Spittin' Chiclets gambling lab this NHL season. And this is a fun one to play because you can still hate the shit out of the Flyers and the Penguins. It's a win-win. Ideally. 

Pennsylvania's intra-state hockey rivaly is certainly one of the most consistently intense in the league and these teams are gonna rumble eight fucking times in the regular season alone. So why not watch Philly and Pittsburgh pound the shit out of each other, throw a few shekels on one of them, and enjoy a nice season-long play?

Philly's a small favorite (115 to make 100) which isn't a surprise considering the Flyers finished three points ahead of Pittsburgh (106 to make 100) in last year's shortened season in which both teams played a nicely even 69 games. The squads were going in different directions when play was halted and that momentum seemed to carry over when they Returned To Play. Because the Pens got dusted 3 games to 1 by the Habs in the Qualifying Round and the Flyers got to Game 7 of the 2nd Round after winning back-to-back OT games.

But it's a new season and a fresh start and anything can happen. Give the Keystone Rivalry a whirl. It's available at the Barstool Sportsbook.

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