Drone Comes In SUPER Hot And Almost Takes A Guy's Head Clean Off



I’m a drone guy.  Not in the sense that I own one but in the sense that I think they’re fucking awesome (at least when they’re not almost chopping off the fingers of my co-workers).  Drones are the future.  The future of what?  That I don’t really know.  I just know drones aren’t going away anytime soon and it sounds kinda smart to say they’re the future.  They can be used in a million different ways.  Drones can be used to capture never before seen images, they can deliver shanks and heorin over prison walls, they can hopefully one day deliver my pizza and drones also give your friend on Facebook, who claims to be a photographer but actually sucks at photography, a creative outlet.  Everybody wins with drones.  Except when shit like this happens.  We can’t have this, drone pilots.  If drones are the future (see how smart that sounds?) then we can’t be slicing off the heads of innocent civilians walking down the street.  We just can’t. That guy needs more practice in an empty field before he start whizzing around busy streets and almost decapitating people.


The fact that the guy who got hit simply kicked the drone once is a miracle.  He could’ve gone all Office Space on it and nobody would blame him.