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Sean Payton Devised A Plan To Get 50,000 Saints Fans To Sit In Quarantine So They Could Attend Playoff Games At The Superdome

And just like that, Sean Payton secured my Coach of the Year vote at the very last second. Wait, I don't have a Coach of the Year vote. But if I did, I would have to give it to the guy that not only went 3-1 with a fantasy tight end at quarterback on his way to securing a 2 seed but is also trying to figure out how to pack 50,000 people into a stadium during a pandemic when he's not coming up with a game plan for his QB1 with a banged up shoulder, I mean set of ribs. 

Have you ever heard how loud it gets at the Superdome? It's one of the few stadiums in the NFL where they take out the decibel meters to let you know exactly how loud it is and even have a fan dressed as a whistle while also creating the most annoying loud noise there is in the world.

That's the exact type of fanbase that would have no problem sitting cooped up in a hotel for two weeks just so they could cheer on their NFL team for 3 hours instead of watching it on TV.

My favorite part about all this is that there is no way Sean Payton just cooked this up in his brain this week. He patiently coached his team up to get at least one home game in the playoffs, quietly read every single thing the CDC said about preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus, and waited for the PERFECT time to strike.

I don't see Pete Carroll making a case of how coronavirus doesn't melt transfer through plastic seats to get a stadium full of 12s for this week's Seahawks game or Sean McDermott quarantining the Western New York wildlings to get a packed house of Bills Mafia maniacs. Yet Sean Payton is out here in the playoffs yet again trying to win with a quarterback that can't throw further then Weird Haircut Seth and trying to figure out any advantage he can get to do it that doesn't include his defensive coordinator putting a bounty on the other team's quarterback (or at least getting caught doing it this time).