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This New Tony Parker Documentary Looks Like An Instant Watch

Well you can sign me the fuck up for this! I've blogged many times before that I am a big time sucker for any sort of basketball player documentary. I cannot get enough of them. I loved the one on Boogie, Derrick Rose, Giannis,  Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, Ron Artest, PG County, Sebastian Telfair, the list goes on and on. Each and every one always comes through so you bet your ass I'm excited about this documentary on Tony Parker. 

It goes without saying that Parker was absolutely one of the best point guards of my generation. How many other 28th picks go on to have a HOF career, win a Finals MVP, make four All NBA Teams and six All Star games? He's also top 20 all time in assists and was the point guard for one of the most successful dynasties in NBA history. That's pretty good. His floater was also a revolutionary shot from the point guard position that was basically unguardable. Easily one of the best floaters in the history of the NBA.

You give me a documentary that has Kobe talking about how Parker robbed him of titles, Tim Duncan actually talking, and hopefully a little Pop and Manu mixed in and I am watching 12 times out of 10. Even if it's going to bring me a great deal of pain if they touch on the fact that he thought the Celtics were going to draft him back in 2001 to the point where he already had their hat, I'm still watching. Yeah, that stings a little bit, actually, it stings a lot once you remember they took Joe Forte instead. Jesus Christ. 

I'm also curious if since this is a documentary about the man behind the legacy if they are going to touch on the fact that he cheated on Eva Longoria by *allegedly* banging Brent Barry's wife while they were on the Spurs together. You can't leave that part out if we're talking about the legacy of Tony Parker because that's 100000% part of his legacy.

Given the fact that he had one of the most successful NBA careers in this era and helped open the doors for international talent to start coming into the league, I have a feeling this is going to be a very good watch. 

Now, as is tradition, we move to the highlights