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PETTY WARS: Belgian Soccer Club Has Security Hold Facility Doors Shut, Banning A Player For Pulling One Of The Pettiest Moves You'll Ever See

Oh you thought James Harden throwing a ball at teammates in practice was a big thing? Well at least he was able to get into the door. You go over to Belgium and you have Didier Lamkel Ze showing up to practice wearing a rival's jersey before security legit just held the door shut like a big brother tormenting a little brother. You don't get that over here. Granted, I could have seen Jimmy Butler showing up to that infamous Wolves practice wearing an opposing team's jersey but outside of that we don't get the true pettiness of European soccer. 

I actually appreciate Ze going full on Costanza. Shit, this isn't even the first time he pulled a move like this (h/t Sun):

It's not the first time Ze has caused mischief around the club.

He had a training ground bust-up with team-mate Jelle van Damme, has called in sick numerous times and quarreled with supporters.

This dude just does not fucking care and I love it. He really, really wants a transfer to Panathiakos. So he's proving a point. You gotta respect the pettiness of it all from both sides. You think the team gives a fuck? Clearly not. They are going to hold the door shut so you can't even get in the facility. I still can't stop laughing at that image. The biggest shock is he actually apologized via an Instagram story. You gotta commit to the petty my man. You should have went Half Baked

If you really want a transfer this guy should show up every day to practice wearing an opposing team's jersey. Every single day, get a jersey from someone else in the league and wear it. You gotta commit to the idea. You can't apologize just because they locked you out of practice.