Reader Email – My Boyfriend Survives Bootcamp By Telling Himself He’s Defending The Country for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick




Reader Email

My boyfriend is in Navy Bootcamp in Great Lakes, IL. He says it’s not all bad but “when times get tough I just think to myself that I am defending the country for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and that always motivates me to keep pushing.”

He’s so serious too.




First things first I didn’t need this girl to tell me her boyfriend is serious.  Yeah no shit he’s serious.  Who isn’t serious about being willing to die for Brady and Belichick?  Hey Roger Goodell I have a question for you. How many people in our military would sacrifice their lives for you?  Answer. None.  How many would die for Brady and Belichick?  Answer:  Everybody.   That’s because you’re a skeevy little fuck dick and they are American Heroes who win superbowls and have hammer cocks.   Get it through your thick skull.  Nobody likes you.  If I saw ISIS coming at your head I’d hold you there so they could chop it clean off.    That’s what tyrants who threaten freedom and democracy deserve.   America IS Brady and Belichick and this letter home proves hit.


PS – Is this kid’s handwriting serious?